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Twin Disc 3-stage Torque Converters

Twin Disc have been manufacturing torque converters since the 1930’s, in particular the ever popular 3 Stage torque converter. The 3 stage torque converter automatically multiplies the engine torque to meet the degree of load from zero to as much as five times the torque produced by the engine.

The 3 stage torque converter offers many benefits:

  • · Longer engine life

  • · Longer equipment life

  • · Fuel economy

  • · Smooth operation

  • · Shock protection

  • · Automatic braking

  • · Faster work cycles

These characteristics makes it a popular choice for many different kinds of machinery:

  • · Crawler tractors

  • · Hoists or winches

  • · Slush pumps

  • · Locomotives

  • · Excavators

  • · Yarders

  • · Log haulers and many more.

In New Zealand we see many of these torque converters imported into the country in logging machinery from North America and Canada. Brand names include Thunderbird, Madill, Washington and others including the New Zealand Dispatch. Most of these are second hand and have already done significant work meaning the driveline soon needs an overhaul.

All relevant information required to correctly specify parts

Pacific Driveline stock complete seal & gasket kits in Auckland for the more popular Twin Disc 10,000 and 11,500 series and can usually supply the same day.

As well as supplying parts Pacific Driveline Ltd can also do full rebuilds including testing on the in-house diesel engine powered simulator.

Contact Pacific Driveline Ltd. for all your Twin Disc Industrial requirements: or (09)262-3241.

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