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About PDL

Pacific Driveline and Henley Engineering Overview

Following is an over view on what both Pacific Driveline and Henleys Propellers do. – as well as Thordon bearings of course. 

In a nutshell Pacific Driveline (PDL) handles Twin Disc gearboxes and controls, while Henleys handles everything aft of the gearbox to back past the propeller to the rudder. Both Companies supply Thordon bearings and manufacture and repair, props, pump impellers and stirrers.

At Henley's we design and build props, p- brackets, rudders, tiller arms, rudder ports, shaft seals, half couplings, shafts and shaft housings. We look after a range of sizes:

With the exception of the Inter-Islander ferry blade, all props and impellers can be scanned the prop scanner. We will Repair, Tweak and Balance to as good as new or better any prop or impeller.


We also supply bearings to the Hydro Turbine Industry:

Other ThorPlas bearing Applications

Forestry – Handling & Transportation

End User: Timrick Slashers (Canada)
Application: Slasher Grapple Bearing – Forestry
Installation Date: March 2005
Note: Robotec Grapple (OEM) - Can pick up tree length at lengths up to 60’. Replaced bronze bearing.


Scrap Metal & Recovery

End User: Berman Brothers, FL. USA.
Application: Grapple Bearing -Scrap Metal, Recycling
Installation Date: December 2003
Note:  Nylon bearings lasting only 2.5 weeks. ThorPlas bearings lasted 5 months before unit was sent for repairs (no issues with bearings).


Mining – Truck Stabilizer

End User: Mining Facility Peru
Application: Steady Axle 100 Ton truck 
Installation Date: March 2005

  • Initial bearings were bronze, lasting 2500 hrs. Replaced it with Nylon that lasted 7000 hrs. Currently, ThorPlas CONTINUES to operate without issues (>13,000 hours)

  • Grease lubricated but can not guaranteed continuously.

  • Large bearing sizes 348 mm (313.7”) x 327.5 mm (12.9”) x 101.6mm (4”)

Forrestry – Kiln Drying

Application: Sawmill carrying container- wheel bearings. Pulp & paper industry (Chile)
Installation Date: January 2006

  • Bronze bearings lasting only 2 months. ThorPlas bearings inspected after 5 months. Minimal wear found – expected service life of 10 months based on wear.

  • Hot temperatures & humidity in excess of 176°F (80°C) for short periods. 

  • Pressure >13.7 MPa (2000 psi).

  • Anti-rotation pin placed on top of the bearing caused cracks yet bearings continued to operate without any issue.

Oxidation Pond Aerators

The self aligning bearings on the aerator below only lasts 18 months before they are rusted out and need replacing. They also need grease lines and regular greasing.

Using Thordon SXL flat top bearings in this application as pictured below will do the following:

  • You will eliminate grease lines and the need to regularly grease.

  • Extend out the life of the bearings. 

  • Because the bearing issplit, it will offer easy maintenance as the gear box and motor will not have to be taken off the shaft to replace the bearing. 

  • Splashing of the water by the aerator will lubricate the bearing.

Rodney District Council had XL bearings in an aerator at Warkworth and I understand they went for 10 years plus

Typical Thordon Applications

Flo Mo Meat Pump at Graeme Lowe Offal Plant

SXL used in a Flo Mo Meat Pump to replace needle roller bearings.

SXL makes it easier to dismantle the meat pump for cleaning and also stands up to CIP cleaning practices.

Thordon SXL and XL used in oxidation pond aerators

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