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Dynamic Testing facility 

Pacific Driveline are the sole Authorised Distributor and Service Agents for the TWIN DISC product range in New Zealand. Being the Authorised Distributor ensures full factory warranty commitment and also that full technical support is provided to the end-user.

Pacific Driveline repair and rebuild Twin Disc marine transmissions, industrial transmissions, torque converters and power take-offs.


Once transmissions are repaired they are mounted on our diesel engine powered test rig, the largest of it’s kind in New Zealand, and are tested to the manufactures specifications. They are checked for any oil leaks or abnormal operation. Temperatures and operating pressures are checked against the manufactures requirements and reset if required. This ensures that the transmission is 100% operational BEFORE leaving our workshop and that there are no nasty surprises after the unit has been re-installed in the vessel or machinery. Once all tests and checks have been carried out, a test sheet is filled in and kept on file for future reference.


As well as dynamic mechanical testing of the transmissions we also have the facility to connect the new  Quickshift  marine transmissions to our computer for testing and setting of the variable electric solenoid engagement and setting the engaging profile of the sequencing valves to ensure fast and smooth operation.


Multi speed industrial transmissions and torque converters can be tested with dynamic pressure testing of all lock up clutches and clutch packs and engaging solenoids, ensuring smooth shifting and full pressure in all speed ranges is achieved.



A complete range of high performance, non-metallic journal bearing solutions for marine, pump, hydro-turbine, offshore oil and other industrial markets.

Twin Disc

Twin Disc is the leading designer, manufacturer, and distributor of power transmission equipment.


Driveline components for marine, industrial and generator applications.

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