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PTO Clutch Adjustment Explained

The clutch adjustment in your power take-off should be checked frequently to ensure the clutch is correctly adjusted and maintained. Failure to do so will result in premature clutch wear and failure.

New Power take-off’s (PTO’s) must have the clutch adjustment checked before being placed into service and after the first 10 hours of operation. This includes any PTO with new friction plates as they have a wear in period and the clutch may require several adjustments before the new plates are worn in.

After wear in, clutch adjustment should be checked regularly. Heavy duty applications like rock crushers, etc, which have frequent engagements in an operating day or relatively long periods of slip on engagement require more frequent readjustment than light duty applications.

Clutch Engagement Where High Inertia Loads Exist

Twin Disc, Inc. recommends that the PTO installation be designed to allow clutch engagement at 1,000 rpm or below. Under extreme circumstances, where high inertia loads must be picked up, the engine may have to be operated at higher speeds while the engagement occurs, as engaging the clutch at 1,000 rpm or below may result in stalling the engine. Clutch engagement should occur at the lowest possible engine rpm. Heavy inertia loads may be brought up to engine speed by a series of short clutch engagements and disengagements at intervals long enough to gradually increase the speed of the load, yet prevent excessive heat build up in the friction facings. After the clutch is fully engaged and the load has been brought up to engine engagement speed, the engine rpm may be increased to operating speed.

Under no circumstances should the clutch be slipped for more than a second or two without either fully engaging or disengaging the clutch to permit it to cool.

Adjust the clutch BEFORE it overheats, does not pull or the operating lever jumps from the engaged position. These symptoms indicate clutch adjustment is required. Refer to your PTO manual for the correct adjustment procedure.

Below is a short video by a Twin Disc distributor to explain the procedure.

Pacific Driveline Ltd. carry wearing parts for the more popular models and can service and repair PTO’s at their workshop in Auckland.

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