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The Aquadrive System



The Aquadrive antivibration system will help you and your crew enjoy the peace and quiet of boating. By isolating the engine from the rest of your boat, noise and vibration are greatly reduced. Most installations result in a 50% or more reduction in cabin or cockpit noise and vibration. Aquadrive will also help to keep your driveline in good condition by minimising wear and tear on the transmission and cutlass bearings.

The propeller shaft is aligned to an Aquadrive thrust bearing, which absorbs the propeller thrust. A Constant Velocity (CV) shaft transmits engine power to the thrust bearing and propeller shaft.

The CV shaft automatically adjusts to changes in the alignment between engine and thrust bearing and allows engine movements in every direction. Unlike standard installations, periodic realignment will not be required. The use of softer engine mounts, which isolate engine vibration from the hull, completes the system. Aquadrive antivibration system creates the necessary conditions for a smooth running, quiet boat.

The Aquadrive System


Aquadrive offers a large variety of different models designed to match boats powered from 5hp to 1500hp, we have a system that’s right for nearly any boat. Whether you are a professional marine engine installer or an enlightened boat owner, we can help you find the system for your application.

A. The soft engine mounts isolate the engine from the hull.

B. The Constant Velocity drive shaft absorbs engine vibrations and eliminates the need for accurate alignment.

C. The thrust unit, fastened on a load bearing hull section, reduces stress on the transmission, on the engine mounts and, in particular, on the engine bearings.


With Aquadrive the engine can be installed in a horizontal position using soft and efficient mounts. Apart from easy installation and permanent alignment, this also leads to better space utilisation while dramatically reducing vibration and noise.


In traditional installations, the alignment of the propeller shaft to the engine has to be precise and subject to periodic maintenance. Stiff mounts transmit high levels of vibration to the hull, even when perfectly aligned.


Aquadrive for installations with V-drive.