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Henley Group welcomes Teignbridge

Henley Engineering Ltd are proud to announce their appointment as sole distributor for Teignbridge Propulsion Systems in New Zealand and the Pacific region.

After 100 years of designing and manufacturing a range of innovative and high-quality propulsion systems the time has come for Henley to join one of the World’s leading brands.

Due to their significant investment in technology, equipment and World-wide manufacturing capabilities, there is no doubt that Teignbridge are fast becoming the most innovative and competitive propulsion company in today’s marine industry and we are very happy to be a part of that future.

The new partnership allows the Henley Group to offer:

  • Pleasure, Commercial and Military Propulsion packages, from coupling to rudder.

  • Classification approvals.

  • Propellers: up to 2.55m diameter and 2000 kgs in weight.

  • Shafts: up to 400mm in diameter.

  • Unmatched Technological depth with in house Naval Architects, latest CNC and 3D printing equipment, providing the “highest quality” at a “competitive price”.

We have no doubt this alignment will assist New Zealand new build and existing vessels to remain competitive and viable either being operated in local waters or offshore.

With the inclusion of the “next generation”, Henley’s own well established team will be providing long term local support for the extensive range of Teignbridge propulsion products.

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