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TWIN DISC Rebuilt Transmissions

Pacific Driveline Ltd are the sole Authorised Distributor and Service Agents for the TWIN DISC product range in New Zealand. Pacific Driveline Ltd rebuild Twin Disc marine transmissions ready for  re-sale.

The transmissions are completely stripped, solvent cleaned and inspected for any excessive wear or damage.


Components that are not serviceable are discarded and replacement parts are  used in the rebuild. These parts will be either new or very good used parts.


When the transmissions are re-assembled a new seal and gasket kit is used, which includes all “O” rings, oil seals, piston rings and gaskets. If the bearings are in need of replacement then these are replaced as required by factory approved bearings. We do not use bearings which are procured from manufactures in Asia.


Once the transmissions are reassembled they are mounted up on our diesel engine powered test rig (largest custom rig in New Zealand) and are tested to the manufactures specifications. At the same time the rebuild is checked for any oil leaks or abnormal operation. Transmission temperatures are checked against the manufactures requirements. Once all tests and checks have been carried out, a test sheet is filled in and kept on file for future reference.


The completed transmission is then removed from the test rig, cleaned and painted ready for sale.


Pacific Driveline also have service exchange units available where we can supply REBUILT/SERVICED transmissions which include an allowance for your old transmission.


All rebuilt transmission carry a warranty of six months from date of invoice. Warranty is on all new parts used plus the labour. A copy of our warranty is available on request.


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