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Thordon Pump Bearings

Thousands of pump repair shops, OEM’s and end users around the world recognize Thordon bearings as the proven choice for performance and value. Thordon bearings are built to last, with no impact to the environment.

We design and manufacture the most complete line of oil and grease-free vertical pump bearings in the industry. Our elastomer grades offer the best combination of strength and stiffness with flexibility and elasticity, along with high abrasion resistance. Our thermoplastic grades operate at higher temperatures and pressures than Thordon elastomers with improved chemical resistance.

Regardless of grade or configuration, Thordon bearings do not require grease or oil lubrication in dry or wet conditions, and can be used in a wide range of water and product lubricated vertical pumps.


Pump Brochure


Pump OEMs using Thordon

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