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Twin Disc Control System




System Features

  • Selectable station transfer rules.

  • Allows up to eight control stations.

  • Individual station active indicators.

  • 10 to 30 volt system power compatible.

  • J1939 NMEA2000 data broadcasting.

  • Analog and digital control heads available

  • Single lever controls for up to eight shaft lines.

  • System setup via keyboard or upload.

  • Selectable single or multi-lever synchronization.

  • Computer or display based setup and diagnostics.

Twin Disc Control System EC300

QuickShift Transmission

The Twin Disc QuickShift transmission system has forever raised boaters' expectations of their craft's performance - and their own. No other transmission offers such shifting speed, smoothness,slow speed control, precision boat handling and safety. Combined with the Twin Disc EC300 Electronic Controls, the QuickShift system provides unparalleled boat control under all conditions.

One for all

Twin Disc designed the QuickShift system from the ground up top be a totally integrated system of transmission, valves, actuators and controls _ all engineered to precisely fit and work together. This engineering elegance and resulting performance and reliability cannot be duplicated by competitive products utilizing add-on components.

It all comes from Twin Disc - one system, one manufacturer and single-source support.

Twin Disc Control System

The Transmission

The QuickShift transmission line combines the renowned Twin Disc pedigree of performance and reliability with new, patented actuation technology. We didn't simply take our traditional transmission design and add electronic gizmos to simulate the performance we wanted. We re-engineered out transmissions to incorporate and integrate a unique clutch, actuation system and electronic controls. This total design concept resulted in a transmission that not only responds so much faster and smoother than any other transmission, it offers easily customisable shifting parameters and adjustments.

Twin Disc Control System

The Ultimate Propulsion Control

The QuickShift transmission and GP Valve, combined with the sophisticated EC300 Electronic Control System, is the ultimate control configuration. It provides you fingertip, single-lever control of engine speed, prop speed and direction plus instant full power - or any desired degree between idle and full - as fast as the engine can respond. Factor in propeller control down to 50 RPM or one knot boat speed and just imagine how much easier and safer docking or any slow-speed maneuvering will be.


While the EC300 system is fully compatible with all popular propulsion options, it has been specifically engineered to operate with QucikShift and is the only control system approved to operate the QuickShift Express mode.

Express Joystick System

The  Twin Disc Express Joystick System (EJS) absolutely revolutionizes docking and slow-speed maneuvering of diesel powered, conventional driveline boats. With easy fingertip movements you control direction and speed instantaneously. No lagging. No lugging. NO lurching. No clunking.

The EJS smoothly and simultaneously actuates and controls engines, transmissions and thrusters. You can effortlessly move the boat in any direction and even pivot it on its own axis. Once you try it, you can't imagine driving your next boat without it.

Dynamic Positioning Systems

The Twin Disc DP propulsion control package allows instantaneous, shockless and virtually constant forward and reverse shifting to keep supply vessels on station as directed by the craft's dynamic positioning system. Driveline can execute directional reversals at variable torque levels more than 30 times per minute to hold station with the full requirements of the DP Class.

Twin Disc Control System
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