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Twin Disc Clutches and Power Take-Offs

Twin Disc Power Take-Offs are suitable for application to all internal combustion engines with standard SAE flywheel housing dimensions from No. 6 through No. 00. The PTO's contain clutches ranging in size from one plate 6 1/2" to one plate 14"; in two plate size from 11 1/2" to 18"; and three plate size from 14" to 21". Suitable power take-offs are available for use with engines in industrial installations up to 1667 Hp in Duty Class II applications. 

A Power Take-Off consists of a complete clutch assembly with shaft and bearings mounted in a cast iron housing that provides for easy engine installation.

PTO's are used as a standard method for transmitting the power of engines in a great variety of industrial applications such as;: air compressors, agricultural machinery, pump drives, crushers, road building machinery, cranes and shovels, oil field service, etc.

Twin Disc offers power take-offs for all industrial engines. The IBF line is designed especially for today's high-speed, high-horsepower industrial engines, and presently is offered in two and three clutch plate construction, this multiple plate, ventilated design assures ample cooling area to withstand heat, and with solid plates these PTO's can effectively handle the stress of higher engine speeds. The IBF units feature oil lubricated tapered roller bearings that extend lubrication intervals.

Available on most size PTO's are sealed pilot ball or roller bearings as optional equipment. These bearings eliminate the lubrication requirement and shaft rifle-drilling normally encountered with standard pilot bearings. Also available, as optional components, are ball bearing throw-out collars and finger springs.

Horsepower and torque capacities listed can be increased by the use of sintered-iron clutch plates which are available as optional equipment in the 8" through 21" sizes.

All bearings, shafts and other parts are designed with liberal safety factors to maximize life under normal operating conditions.

Twin Disc is one of the industry leaders in heavy machinery component manufacturing. Products must deliver the right amount of power on command, under all conditions, time and time again. Pacific Driveline Ltd is proud to provide, repair and install Twin Disc PTOs (power take offs).

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What is a Power Take-off?

A  power takeoff (PTO) is a term for methods of taking power from an operating power source, such as a running engine, which can be used to provide power to attachments or separate machines.

Semi-permanently mounted PTOs can be found on industrial and marine engines. These applications typically use a drive shaft, sheave or sprocket to transmit power to a secondary implement or accessory.


The following is a partial list of Twin Disc PTO Clutch series that we provide parts, repairs, and installs:

Standard CX CLUTCH

  • CX106P

  • CX107P

  • CX108P

  • CX110P

  • CX111P

Standard IB CLUTCH

  • IB321P

  • IB321IL

  • IB318PO

  • IB318IL

  • IB314P

  • IB314IL

  • IB214P

Standard SP CLUTCH

  • SP321P

  • SP318IL

  • SP311P

  • SP318P

  • SP218P

  • SP314P

  • SP214P

  • SP314IL

  • SP214IL

  • SP211P

  • SP114P

  • SP111P

Please feel free to contact us to order a product or for more information!

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